This chair is inspired by the design of  traditional Shaker chairs as well as the graceful and simple lines of Chinese chairs from the Ming dynasty.  I have tried to meld the two vernacular styles which are known for their combination of rustic utilitarianism and simple elegance.  The chair’s spindles and posts are hand turned and assembled with mortise and tenon joinery.  The crest and mid rails are bent laminations.


38.5″ H  x  22″ W  x  17″ D

  • Constructed of walnut and quartered oak.
  • Finished with Danish oil and beeswax.
  • Seat is hand woven with 5/8″ black American manufactured canvas Shaker tape.
  • As all furniture is hand constructed, there will be variances in shape, color, and wood grain pattern that will make each piece unique.
  • Chair can be constructed of any locally available hard woods.
  • Seat is available in a range of contrasting or corresponding colors and weave patterns in both 1″ and 5/8″ Shaker tape.
  • Please inquire about any desired custom combinations.