Brawley Made Traditional Shaker Chair with Green Woven Shaker Tape Seat

This is a traditional three slat, ladder back Shaker chair.  It is constructed with hand turned posts and spindles, mortise and tenon joinery, and bent laminated back slats.   The tops of the back posts on this chair feature hand turned ‘flame’ finials.  Shaker chairs come with an option of ‘flame,’ ‘broomstick,’ or no finial.

The chair is treated with iron acetate (a non-toxic treatment) prior to the application of the finish, which ebonizes the cherry to a deep brown black color.  This treatment, unlike stain and dye, treats the wood by reacting with its own tannic acid.  This leaves a coloring that is almost translucent, allowing the wood’s natural character and grain pattern to shine through.  


38.5″ H  x  22″ W  x  17″ D

  • Constructed of cherry.
  • Treated with iron acetate and finished with Danish oil and beeswax.
  • Seat is hand woven with olive green 1″ American manufactured canvas Shaker tape.
  • As all furniture is hand constructed, there will be variances in shape, color, and wood grain pattern that will make each piece unique.
  • Chairs can be constructed of any locally available hard woods.
  • Seat is available in a range of contrasting or corresponding colors and weave patterns in both 1″ and 5/8″ Shaker tape.
  • Please inquire about any desired custom combinations.