Benedict Canyon Table

This table and set of chairs were custom designed and built for a client’s historic 95 year old home in Benedict Canyon, California.  The set was designed with a focus on traditional Shaker design with a few nods to modern aesthetics.


The table is a traditional Shaker trestle design with a walnut top.  The top features a gentle convex arch at both ends and a molded edge to add lightness to the form.  Its trestle base is draw bored mortise and tenon construction, while the stretcher with through keyed tenons allows for easy disassembling.


30″ H  x  42″ W  x  80″ L

  • Constructed with cherry wood, with the base being ebonized with iron acetate.
  • Finished with a shop mixed whipping varnish and hard wax.
  • As all furniture is hand constructed, there will be variances in shape, color, and wood grain pattern that will make each piece unique.
  • Can be constructed of any locally available hard woods (price dependent upon wood selection).
  • Please inquire about any desired custom combinations.