The Angel City desk is an original design built on spec for the showroom at Angel City Lumber.  It combines the natural beauty of a live edge spalted slab with an elegant and simple hand turned base and matching drawer fronts.


The slab top of this desk is from an urban tree salvaged by Angel City Lumber in Downtown Los Angeles.


Their mission is unique:  “ACL intercepts trees that would otherwise end up chipped or in a landfill.  We custom mill and dry the wood before offering it for sale.  We strive to provide high quality hardwood products through simply reusing what would otherwise be considered ‘waste.'”

Like some of the trees that Angel City comes by, this one was a bit too far gone to make an absolutely positive identification of species.  But my best guess is that this slab is from a log of well spalted ash.  Regardless of the species, it is loaded with character and color.  The top and drawer fronts were treated with several wash coats of shellac before being finished with a mixture of hard oil, varnish, and several hand buffed coats of wax.


The base of this desk is made of black cherry, ebonized with iron acetate, and finished with a fruitwood Danish oil.  This base design would be at home under any species of slab top, and be equally beautiful with a more traditional solid board top to fit into a myriad of design interiors.  Contact me here if you would like to discuss a custom commission.


If you’d like to see this desk in person, it is currently being displayed at Angel City Lumber, open on Fridays & Saturdays 9 am – 4 pm and on Tuesday – Thursday by appointment only.  Located at:

251 S Anderson St, Los Angeles, CA 90033.


30″ H  x  71″ L  x  32.5″ W

  • Spalted Ash live edge top.
  • Ebonized cherry base.
  • Finished with shellac wash coat, hard wax oil, and varnish.
  • As all furniture is hand constructed, there will be variances in shape, color, and wood grain pattern that will make each piece unique.
  • Can be constructed of any locally available hard woods (price dependent upon wood selection).
  • Please inquire about any desired custom combinations.